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Traditional Burial Options:


Traditional Burial Plot in our flat marker section-$1130.00

  • Plot Preparation- $700.00 +GST

Traditional Burial Plot in our upright marker section-$1450.00 

  • Plot Preparation- $700.00


Cremation Options:

Companion cremation plot (for up to two urns) - $ 640.00 

  • Plot preparation- $295.00  (Per urn)

Family cremation plot (for up to four urns)- $ 1130.00 

  • Plot Preparation- $295.00  (Per urn)


Scattering Garden- $120.00 

Columbarium Niche- $1650.00 (Includes: one opening/closing and engraving of name and dates.)


Upright and Flat Markers:

For examples please visit 

For more information please call Chad Wheeler at 204-224-1525



* all services are subject to 5% GST.




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